NEW COSPLAY: Machi - Ball Gown

Hey everyone! 

How have you guys been? Today I finally bring you my first cosplay of 2014!

This year the convention season in Portugal starts later than usual, and I thought that only bringing you a new cosplay in later March was a bit too late. So I decided that I needed to make something before Photoshoot #11! Unfortunately due to financial issues, I don't have a lot of money for wigs right now so I just searched down my list to see what I could do. And since I'm already working on Machi (Hunter x Hunter), I thought why not do one of her versions?

Costume inspired by this amazing fanart by Vita。維塔's



2014 Cosplay List

Hey everyone! 

I'm super late with this, I know! But I promise I've been working on my costumes!

Last year I kinda planned a lot of cosplays but from the list I published in the beggining of the year I only made one (which was Madara Uchiha). So for 2014 I want to try going by the list a bit more! I know I'll make up some costumes along the way (as usual), but at least try to make... half of my "will certainly do" costumes ;w;

So without any further ado, here's what I planned for 2014:

You can find the fem!Haruka Nanase fanart here!

Now talking a little bit about this list: as you can notice this year there are more cosplays in the list. Mainly the reason for this to happen was that I just couldn't decide between some of them ;w; I will obviously not make them all!!

For my "will certainly do" list I wanted cosplays of easy and normal difficulty because I feel like last year I didn't make enough costumes :/ Really the exceptions are Amy Rose (that came from last year's list) and Feitan's Pain Packer, which I've been waiting for 4 years to make. For my "will maybe do" list, I also have a bit of all difficulties here. I'm not sure how many of them I'll make, or if I'll trade any of them for some of my main list but we'll see! Cosplay is always a surprise!

And this year I will also try doing some season costumes (like Summer, Halloween and Christmas)!

As of right now I'm working on Machi, Adorabeezle and my secret cosplay which will be finished still this week! I have a couple weeks more of vacation before college starts again so I'll be working really hard!

I made a Tumblr Blog just for my costumes! You can find WIP pics, previews, con pics and other stuff in there! You can officially follow me HERE!

Hope you guys liked it 

~ TheGothica