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Feitan (School Uniform)

Character: Feitan
Manga/Anime: Hunter x Hunter
Version: School Uniform (Fanart)
Status: Finished
First used: Iberanime Lx 2014
Making time: 1 week

About: I found this fanart several years ago and thought right away that I MUST do this costume! Of course, like lots of other fanarts and official versions of many characters, it just sat on my cosplay list forever, lost and forgotten. After cosplaying as younger Feitan, I honestly felt like he wasn't a character for me (mostly I thought he didn't suit me) and so decided to put the idea of cosplaying him aside and possibly forever. I was surprised when the chance to cosplay Feitan again appeared and I decided to go for it, despite knowing I wouldn't feel good. Feitan is one of my favourite characters from HxH and also ranks really high in my fav male characters of all time. Despite all the bad things that happened while I wore this costume, I also loved the experience and I'm glad I took this 'leap of faith' and gave Feitan another chance!




NEW COSPLAY: Machi (2011)

Hey everyone! 

I have been super busy with lots of college stuff (as usual) but I'm trying my best guys! Today I finally bring you the progress pictures and construction notes of one of my latest costumes: Machi from Hunter x Hunter (2011 version)!


Machi (2011)

Character: Machi
Manga/Anime: Hunter x Hunter
Version: Default (Hunter x Hunter 2011)
Status: Finished
First used: Cosplay Photoshoot #11 (2014)
Making time: 1 month (on and off work)

About: Machi is one of those characters that I love and hate, and for the longest time I've debated what I truly felt about her. Even so, I always found her design to be really interesting and by the end of 2013 I finally decided to cosplay as her. After all the stress this costume gave me I can firmly say it has been one of the ones that has given me more pleasure in making! Someday I plan on doing 1999 Machi too.