Carla Radames

Character: Carla Radames
Game: Resident Evil 6
Version: Ada Wong's doppelganger
Status: Finished
First used: AmadoraBD | 2012 (Portugal)
Making Time: 3 days

About: I'm not necessarily a big fan of Carla (I love Ada, however), but as soon as I saw her outfit, I fell completely in love with it and knew right away this would be a costume I'd enjoy making. Of course, being the way that I am, I decided to make it for a convention... Four days before it was held! It became one of the most thrilling (yet scary) cosplay adventures I've ever had, though it was still a lot of fun. I never managed to get pictures that I liked and when I (finally) had a photoshoot planned for Summer 2015, I found out the dress was too big because I lost around 15kg since I made it. I do enjoy seeing myself as Carla and I would really love wearing this again, so it's on my remake/fix list.


Ion Fortuna (Arabian/Artbook)

Character: Ion Fortuna
Manga | Anime: Trinity Blood
Version: Arabian/Artbook
Status: Finished
First used: Anipop Kyuu-Ti | 2011 (Portugal)
Making Time: ?
Costume by Leonor Grácias Cosplay

About: Normally I don't cosplay characters that I don't know or that I never watched/played the game/anime/series/etc they belong to, but Ion was suggested by my dear friend Leonor who commented that I would look good. After doing a lot of research on the character, I agreed on cosplaying as him and later on make a photoshoot with her as Mirka Fortuna. I commissioned this costume to Leonor because I felt I didn't have the time/skills to do it, and she kindly accepted. She was also the one choosing this version. Unfortunately, the photoshoot ended up not happening (never loosing hope though!), but I still enjoy cosplaying Ion. Over the years I've been upgrading the costume's accessories, and I'm still considering new improvements.


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Feitan (School Uniform)

Character: Feitan
Manga/Anime: Hunter x Hunter
Version: School Uniform (Fanart)
Status: Finished
First used: Iberanime Lx 2014
Making time: 1 week

About: I found this fanart several years ago and thought right away that I MUST do this costume! Of course, like lots of other fanarts and official versions of many characters, it just sat on my cosplay list forever, lost and forgotten. After cosplaying as younger Feitan, I honestly felt like he wasn't a character for me (mostly I thought he didn't suit me) and so decided to put the idea of cosplaying him aside and possibly forever. I was surprised when the chance to cosplay Feitan again appeared and I decided to go for it, despite knowing I wouldn't feel good. Feitan is one of my favourite characters from HxH and also ranks really high in my fav male characters of all time. Despite all the bad things that happened while I wore this costume, I also loved the experience and I'm glad I took this 'leap of faith' and gave Feitan another chance!