Hey everyone! 

Many of you know me from DeviantArt or from Portuguese cosplay conventions. Or you're my friends from school or from the web. Or maybe this is the very first time you hear about me, but that doesn't really matter because I like making new friends!

First of all I want to apologize for my bad English. Even though I've been learning this language since I'm 6 years old (which was a long time ago) it's not my mother tongue and I don't speak it perfectly. But it's still very understandable, so don't worry.

Now, let's talk about this blog. A couple of months ago, I had this idea of making posts about my cosplay progresses. But I didn't want to post them on my page because my followers already have a lot to read about my life. So, I've been thinking about it and I decided to create a blog in English just to talk about my cosplays. In English because I wanted everyone to read it, not just Portuguese people.

And, that's basically how "TheGothica Cosplay" was born (TheGothica standing for my most known nickname).

I'll try to update it as frequently as I can, with photos and some information. And I also wanted to show you not just costumes but self-made things as well. And some of my projects.

I guess that's all for now!



  1. :D Grande inicio, espero que assim continues estou ansiosa de ver o que nos espera :D Boa sorte :D (tiaraPixel)

  2. Hi!
    Nice to meet u. its the 1st time im on ur website but i hope its ok.
    im in luv with ur blog and i think it is amazing (especialy cause its written in english)
    well, i will pass here more times and leave more comments.

  3. @Anonymous Hi! It's nice to meet you too! ^w^

    And thank you very much, I'm really glad you like it!! Come here as often as you want, it's really appreciated!