Kurapika Cosplay: Fabrics + Updates

Hey everyone! 

Before I start writing, let me introduce you to my next cosplay: Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter!!

I had a rough time choosing just one of his outfits because I love them all! But I ended up choosing the one he wore in the beginning of the anime. Here it is:

Isn't he cute? 

Anyway, yesterday I bought the blue fabric for the costume! It wasn't very expensive for the quantity I brought with me, so I saved a lot of money!! And it's absolutely GORGEOUS! It's not heavy at all so I don't have to kill myself wearing it (the color looks lighter in the picture but whatever).

I didn't buy any white fabric because my grandmother had so much of it in good condition it wasn't worth spending more money in something that I can have for free. Sorry for the quality of the picture!

I'll buy the ribbons and all the other materials for the clothing probably still this week, but I don't know how much of the costume I can do until the weekend. Besides, I still need to search for the wig, buy the contact lenses and make both his weapons and the Hunter card. Oh, the earring and the shoes too.

But I'm really confident I'll finish it on time, even though I'm not sure when the date of the convention I want to use it for the first time will be (they didn't announce anything yet and I've already heard 2 different dates).

I already started cutting the shirt and the pants, so I'll update tomorrow!! Stay tuned! 



  1. me gusta...tou com curiosidade de ver como vai ficar

  2. @Tom Brandão Arigato Zabuza-sensei ^w^

    Olha lá conseguiste ver a imagem dele? Acabei de reparar agora que não se via... mas acho que agora já está visível.

  3. axo k acabei d me enganar onde por o coment esta coisaa é mt fina XD
    mas estou mm em pulgas de te ver :D vais tar exelente como sempre tens um grande talento :D

  4. @Broken Rose haha está no sitio certo, não te preocupes ^-^

    Eu também estou muito ansiosa por me ver! Não faço mesmo a mínima ideia de como vou ficar de Kurapika. Aliás, vai ser a primeira personagem loira que vou fazer na vida... vamos ver como isto corre.

  5. eu consegui ver..e se o mocinho com a tunica(?) azul e claças brancas