Kurapika Cosplay: Pants and Shirt UPDATE

Hey everyone! 

This post is going to be very small, because I didn't do much since yesterday. There really aren't many things to show you but I promised I would update with what I have, so here it is!

On the last post I said that I started cutting the shirt and the pants for my Kurapika cosplay. They look huge but after everything is sewn and cut properly, they will look perfect. Believe me.

On the 1st photo it's the pants and on the 2n the shirt (without sleeves yet). And my grandmother holding them!

Well, today I sewed a bit of the pants. They're still far from done, but I hope I can finish them this week! (once again, my grandma holding them).

I still have a lot to do...

Anyway, this weekend I'll start working on the Hunter ID Card and I'll search for a suitable wig. I have tests 'till Friday so I won't post anything this couple of days. But I'll try to work as much as I can and Friday I'll post something new.

I also want to edit more cosplay pictures from Gothica. But I don't have much time...



  1. É um bom começo...continua o bom trabalho

  2. @Tom Brandão Arigato Zabuza-san ^w^ Mas ainda tenho muito trabalhinho pela frente...