Kurapika cosplay SMALL UPDATE + Mini-Hat FINISHED + Small Preview

Hey everyone! 

Yeah, I said I would update but I didn't. Sorry! ^^'

First, let's talk a little about Kurapika's cosplay. The costume is almost done. I already started styling the wig so I think I'll finish this part tomorrow. The rest of the outfit I still need to make, but since I've been doing many things at the same time I don't know when I'll be able to finish them. But I'm sure that I'll start doing the weapons this week. I'll post pictures when I can.

Now, let's talk about the mini-hat! 

It's finished (don't know if I already told you that). I'll show you a picture but first I want to show you this:

That rose and the lace are the "accessories" or "props" (or whatever you want to call them) that the hat has. It's completely self made, except for the rose!

Ok, and now here's the finished product!

I called it "Red Rose of Infinity". This hat is part of my design label Sorrow Designs that has been inactive for a year :/ But now is back! And I want to do more things!

Before you ask, no, this hat is not for sale. Even though I sell some of my things, not this one. And I'm not taking orders/requests right now. Sorry...



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