Kurapika Cosplay - Wig and Cape UPDATE

Hey everyone! 

I wanted to update on my Kurapika cosplay!

I finished styling the wig yesterday. I usually don't like seeing myself with blond hair (although I look quite good as Misa Amane), but this wig is like super awesome and it makes me look like a natural blond.

Yeah, that's one of those Barbie heads that you put make-up on ^^' The wig looks too long, but it's not. Besides, I still need to straight it a bit more because it makes a little curve on one of the sides and on the bangs. 

Now, let's talk about the cape. I already sewed the orange ribbon around it, so it looks like this right now:

Ignore the white markings and the fact that the blue has 3 shades, blame the damn flash for that!

I also have the shoes, but I need to paint them in the right shade of blue (I bought them white because I couldn't find anywhere the color I want). I'll post pictures when they're finished.

Tomorrow I want to do Kurapika's Street Style photoshoot! The only thing I had left to do was the wig but since it's finished I guess I can do it now. My friend Haru will be the photographer again (YAAAAY!).

And I'm working on my Deidara Street Style version too. I still have a lot to do though, because the only thing I had were the clothes. I'm almost finished with the headband but I still didn't style the wig (I had to buy it since no one had what I wanted :/ but now I already have Dei's wig so I can cosplay him - or not - it depends).



  1. Aquela cabeça de barbie fez o meu dia LOOL

    tenho um favor para te pedir btw :> Mas peço no dA xD

  2. @Jo LOOOL quando não se tem outra coisa usa-se o que se pode XD