New Mini-Hat

Hey everyone! 

Did I ever told you that I make mini-hats?

I have a huge fascination for them, I think they're gorgeous whatever shape or color they have. Besides, they are a great accessory to my style, so I have a lot of them! 

Sometimes I like to make mini-hats, with my designs and ideas, for personal use or for cosplay (example, Akai's hat was made by me). Right now I started making a new one, gothic inspired, that will be in the colors black and red. I'm still working on the overall style, what ribbons and effects I should use, but I already have a general idea of what I want.

Anyway, I'll show you one of the many ways I make mini-hats. I have different methods that change depending on how I want the hat and what I'm going to apply on it. The method I used in this one isn't hard, but it gives a bit more work than the others.

I used an A4 slim cardboard sheet for the structure. I only needed 1 because I'm experienced and I know what measures I should use. But I remember that at the beginning I had to use at least 2 because it was hard for me to know the right size of the different parts. 

I cut a stripe 27,5cm long and 5,5cm wide and a circle with 8cm of diameter. Then, I united both ends of the stripe and glued the circle on top. This will be the upper part of the hat.

Next I cut another circle with (I think) 14cm diameter and in the middle one with 8cm diameter. This will be the bottom part.

In the upper part, I also glued a paper stripe so that I can unite both parts (upper and bottom).

Ah well, tomorrow I'll show you more! I've done some more things after the structure but I didn't want to put them in this post because then it would become a bit long. Besides I also want to make updates on Kurapika's cosplay!



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