Kurapika Cosplay UPDATES

Hey everyone! 

Here goes another post totally dedicated to Kurapika!!

I finally finished the shoes! They were all white and had a little bow on it (I bought the less expensive ones, so they weren't exactly like Kurapika's). I removed it and painted them in the right shade of blue. I used UniPosca - color Light Blue from UniBall. 

I had a great time painting them! Here, see the before (white) and the after (blue):

I started doing the weapons yesterday. I'm going to use real wood for them. Unfortunately, the only thing I did was drawing their shape because right now I have no way to cut them. I asked my parents and they found someone that can do it for me! So I have to wait until tomorrow, and then I can really start working on them. Anyway, here's a pic:

It's all for now, I'll try to update tomorrow.



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