Kurapika Cosplay: Weapons + Earrings

Hey everyone! 

Here goes the final update of Kurapika's cosplay! I'm really excited because tomorrow I'll use it for the first time :3 And I'm very happy because I finished it on time!

This post is going to be VERY long, because I have many pictures to put here.

Let's start with the weapons: like you've seen previously, they were just two "boards" with some weird drawings. I was waiting for a friend of my parents to cut them, because I don't have the tools to. When I received them, they were like this (he cut them amazingly).

After that, I covered almost all of them with aluminium tape, so that they look like metal.

And I cutted myself ; ; (it's small but it hurts a lot)

Then, I glued a piece of a material I can't remember the name and did a small hole on the end of each handle. Next I painted the wood black.

To finish it, I added the chain and the black ribbon around the handle.

Now, the earrings. It was a bit hard to find stones or beads that weren't expensive. But I managed to find some earrings with semi-precious stones that looked very much alike Kurapika's earrings.

However, since I don't have my ears pierced (yes, you can laugh if you want), I had to find a clip-on, which I did (I had one pair at home that I didn't want)! The before and after:

(not very proud of them but whatever...)

I also did the Hunter Card, but I totally forgot to take a picture :/  I'll show you next time.

And I think this is all for now. Anicomics 2011 will be Saturday and Sunday and I'll be attending both days as Kurapika. I want to do a full report of the con next week! I also want to talk a little about my next cosplay... which will be secret!! But I'm going to post pictures of the process, even though you may figure out what I'm cosplaying. Or not. We'll see.. XD



  1. Hello!I like your blog...I will be cosplaying Kurapika soon XD ...but still can't find kurapika's earrings yet huhu

  2. @kay Try searching in stores that sell gemstones and gold/silver earrings! The earrings I bought aren't very expensive. Hope you find what you need! ^w^