Tutorial: Naruto Headbands

Hey everyone! 

Yes, I'm finally updating the cosplay blog! I got some free time today but school is not over yet so...

Anyway, today I'll show you how I make my Naruto headbands! Ever since I did Deidara Mafia version many people asked me to show pictures of the Iwa headband and how I made it. So, here it goes!

1st cut a strap of alluminium tape and glue it to a card stock. Please note 2 things:
  1. The card stock must be of the same color as the headband fabric.
  2. The strap must be bigger than 16cm long and aproximately 5cm wide.

Then draw the symbol of the village you want (in this case Iwagakure) on the center of the alluminium with a black permanent marker. You don't have to cross out the symbol (like me), but if you want make sure you still leave at least a 3cm border. To obtain a better result with the symbol, draw it 1st with a pencil and then with the pen using a ruler.

After you finish this, eliminate the card stock that isn't necessary and cut the edges of the alluminium with a round shape.

Now, mesure the size of your head and add another 42cm to that number. Cut a strap of the fabric you want to use with that size and about 12cm wide. Don't forget to leave a bit for the seams!! That means it has to be 1 or 2cm bigger than the previous sizes!

Next, fold the strap in half, so that it now has 6cm and then sew everything. You can do the tips straight or you can do them in a "triangle shape" (ok, I have no idea how to call that). I did them triangle shaped.

Place the alluminium plate on the center of the fabric and glue it. I use UHU liquid glue (you don't need hot glue to do this, but make sure it's well glued).

For the next stage you need 6 round headed studs. Cut the body of the studs, leaving only the heads and glue them on the edges of the headband.

And it's done! You now have your own Naruto headband!  

NOTE: sometimes you need to repaint it because the paint dissapears if you use it a lot.



  1. where to buy those round headed studs in silver colors?

    1. I bought them at Leroy Merlin which is a big hardware store, not sure if you have those in your country or not. But you should be able to find these in any regular hardware store! If I remember currectly, they are near the nails section :) Hope I helped and good luck!