Cosplay Progress UPDATES + Kurapika Summer Outfit cosplay

Hey everyone! 

I've been having a few adventures in cosplay lately!

I'll start by updating my cosplay progress list:
  • Secret Cosplay #1 (Naruto) - IN PROGRESS (25%) Due date: 16 September (Anipop Kyuu-Ti)
  • Secret Cosplay #2 (OC) - ON HIATUS (5%)
  • Secret Cosplay #3 (Trinity Blood)
  • Secret Cosplay #4 (Naruto) - IN PROGRESS (20%)
  • Misa Amane (Death Note) REQUEST - IN PROGRESS (95%) I only need the wig and the stockings XD
  • Rem (Death Note) - ON HIATUS (80%)
I added a new cosplay! It's from a Naruto fanart. It's not a very hard outfit, more based around acessories. It's a summer cosplay, so be ready for some beach action! (oh god, me and my phobia of water >.<). I'll reveal it in a week or so, because I don't really want it to be a secret for long.


It's one of Kurapika's official outfits (meaning it actually exists in the anime). I called it summer outfit, because actually it doesn't have a name ^^' Kurapika uses this outfit only once (I believe) during part of episode 18 from Hunter x Hunter.

To be honest, the only thing I had to make for this costume was the shirt and the necklace since the rest is from my Kurapika 1st Outfit cosplay and were done for months.

I was photographed by my friend Ana and by TiaraPixel. Here's the first pic! I'll post more as soon as I can.

 See it in Deviantart here

I also want to do a post about how I made the necklace (you can't really see it here). Maybe tomorrow or so. I'll also try to post pictures of the cosplays I'm working on.


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