Secret Cosplay #3 REVEALED

Hey everyone! 

I'm finally making a new update. Sorry, but I've been kinda lazy lately ^^' I'm working on 3 costumes right now and I barely have free time! I'll update soon, revealing 2 of them. If you want, you can see how much left I have to do in each cosplay on the sidebar. But for now, let's stick to today's subject.

I'm going to reveal my Secret Cosplay #3 from Trinity Blood. I'll be cosplaying Ion Fortuna!

When I cosplayed Kurapika at AniComics'11, my cosplay idol Lenore-Eeva-Leena (GO CHECK HER GALLERY RIGHT NOW!) said I looked a lot like Ion Fortuna from Trinity Blood. Honestly, I didn't know the character (I know what Trinity Blood is but I never watched, shame on me). So I did a bit of research and actually ended up agreeing that, in fact, the characters look alike :3

So I agreed on cosplaying him!

This is the version I'll be doing (I think it's called Arabian? Or something similar. If you know tell me so I can correct). He's the character on the right.

I didn't do any part of the costume, except for the wig, shoes and necklaces. The 1st two are from my Kurapika cosplay, the necklaces I'm still taking care of.

Basically, she did all of my costume!! Because she's awesome like that  She even sent me some progress pictures, so that I can show here:

(That's her on the picture!)

She also bought the dagger!

I'm in love with this costume *w* Like... really, I am. I can't wait to wear it!

No, it's not finished yet, but it's very close to!

We still don't have a date for the photoshoot, but I'll announce as soon as we have. You need to wait a bit.

I'll try to update at least once more before my birthday (this Saturday), but I don't promise anything. However, like I said before, I'll reveal 2 other cosplays I'm working on this next week!



    Eu amava fazer de Mirka, é um dos meus cosplays de sonho^^ Mas tambem gostava de fazer da Schera, ela é tao awesome <3

  2. @Arisu Sim vou X3

    Oh então acho que devias fazer *W*