Mikoto Uchiha

Character: Mikoto Uchiha
Manga | Anime: Naruto
Version: Default
Status: Finished
First used: Midori II | 2012 (Portugal)
Making Time: 2 weeks

About: Mikoto is one of those characters that I always knew I had to cosplay. Though we never get to see much of her, she is still an interesting, strong, gorgeous woman, as well as an amazing, lovely mother. After Naruto chapter 590 came out, and we found out the truth about the Uchiha clan massacre, I knew it was time for me to finally cosplay as her. I really love this costume and the way it fits me (or the way that I fit her), and it saddens me that I barely used it (I wore it once or twice). It's also one of the most comfortable costumes that I ever made. Hopefuly, I'll get around to re-shoot it once again as soon as possible!

Photo by Amisu


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