Kurapika (1999)

Character: Kurapika
Manga | Anime: Hunter x Hunter
Version: Default (1999)
Status: Finished
First used: Anicomics 2011 (Portugal)
Making Time: 2 months

About: Kurapika got into my cosplay list the second I first saw him when I watched Hunter x Hunter in 2010, back when the remake of the anime wasn't even out. My liking towards this character started because I thought he would fit my bone structure. To be honest, I wasn't a big fan of him at first, but as time went by he grew on me a lot. Even though he is not my favourite from the series, there are many outfits of his that I want to make. Kurapika is not only one of the characters that I feel the most comfortable as, but this cosplay is also one of the few old ones that I still use and with pride. This outfit has to be one of my favourites of his, only second to the red jacket one.

 Photo by TiaraPixel


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