Mikoto Uchiha - Ninja

Character: Mikoto Uchiha
Manga | Anime: Naruto
Version: Ninja (Original)
Status: Retired
First used: Cosplay Photoshoot #10 | 2013 (Portugal)
Making Time: 1 week

About: For the longest time I had this idea of cosplaying Mikoto in a ninja outfit. Unfortunately, we never really get to see her in anything besides casual clothes, so it always brought me great curiosity thinking of what she would look like in work attire. Mikoto is a very lovely and sweet mother, but knowing that she used to be a Jounin makes me picture her as a sexy, powerful woman before giving birth. This costume was highly rushed and finished at the very last minute but, considering all the obstacles, I think it came out pretty well!

Photos by Amisu


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