Madara Uchiha

Character: Madara Uchiha
Manga | Anime: Naruto
Version: Default
Status: Retired
First used: Iberanime Lx 2013 (Portugal)
Making Time: 4 months (on and off work)

About: I always seem to have this intricate, weird relationship with everyone on the Uchiha family that starts with hate and ends in deep love. Obviously that Madara would not be an exception to this rule. As the story progressed and we got to know more about him and his past, I've grown to love him with all my heart. This cosplay had been a dream of mine for a very long time, which kept being pulled back due to my lack of practice with wig styling. But thanks to my friends Manon and Leonor, who styled the wig, I was able to fulfill it!


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