Itachi Uchiha (SnJ Nurse)

FanArt by ちゅん太郎
Character: Itachi Uchiha
Manga | Anime: Naruto
Version: Sexy no Jutsu Nurse (Fanart)
Status: Retired
First used: AniComics Lx 2013 (Portugal) 
Making time: 4 days

About: This is another one of my last minute ideas. I fell in love with this fanart and immediately thought it would be a great cosplay to make! During the process of construction, I ended up adding a few details you can't see on the original picture, like the hot pinkish shoes as well as the lace and ribbon on the dress, neck and hat. I also took the decision of turning it into a genderbend version instead of normal, male Itachi. In the end I really like how this came out, specially because of how comfortable it is to wear! As of now I have officially retired it, but I hope to redo this cosplay very soon!

Photos by Amisu


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