NEW COSPLAY: Pakunoda (Hunter x Hunter 1999)

Hey everyone! 

Long time no see! My life has been insane (as usual) and some really bad and also really good things happened in this past few months. But things are more stable now and I can finally breathe.

Here I am today to show you guys my newest costume: Pakunoda from Hunter x Hunter (1999).

Pakunoda is one of my favourite female characters of all time. She's extremely strong, passionate, loyal and pretty much has everything I like and admire in a woman.

Even so, it has never been my intention to cosplay her because our body types are just way too different.

Last month I finally had the chance to do a new photoshoot and I honestly really didn't want to use any of my old costumes. My extreme love for Hunter x Hunter has submerged once again in the past few months and I thought, well, why not? Pakunoda is an easy costume.

Please excuse my toilet ; ;
I had this old black business jacket laying around in my closet that I basically almost never used because the sleeves were too tight. I fixed the sleeves by cutting the inside of the jacket and making it bigger and then reattached the sleeves. It was almost like making the full thing, trust me. The skirt is also from my closet.

The only thing I had left to do in the jacket was adding the blue/grey collar to it.

I found this really nice light blue fabric for a super cheap price and thought it looked perfect, so I bought it. I had a problem while making the collar but nothing that couldn't be fixed and even though it's not as good as I wanted it to be, I still like the end result.

I'm not really getting into much detail about Pakunoda because it'll probably confuse everyone who hasn't read or watched Hunter x Hunter, but her revolver is not just a prop but also an important part of the character.

I had this fake revolver at home that I used many years ago for a carnival costume, and since it looked so much like Pakunoda's I decided to buy some silver spray paint and paint it in that colour. I really, really love this revolver because you can actually open it and it does fire (not real bullets, don't worry! I don't know how those little things are called in english, they just make noise when you fire).

And this is pretty much it. I finished this costume in 3 days which makes it the fastest costume I have ever done!

Here is the full attire:

I thought that I should start doing a little 'review' on every costume I make after finishing it, so here's my honest opinion about this cosplay:

It's good. I honestly wish I had the time to actually make the full jacket + skirt but since it was supposed to be a quick thing I think what I had to work with was good. It's a surprisingly pretty warm costume but can also be very uncomfortable since I'm not wearing any bra underneath + those giant heels. Even so, I also feel pretty good and confident about my body while wearing it which is a plus!

I won't make you wait any longer for the photos. Hope you guys like it!



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