End of Cosplay Year 2013

Hey everyone! 

Long time no see! I haven't been much around for the past couple of months, but I swear I'm trying! I can guarantee you guys that I've been working on new costumes, and I've actually debuted 3 new ones since the last time I wrote here.

So please bare with me and have a little patience, I will be updating soon!

Anyway, I hope you all had a great Christmas, and I want to take this opportunity to also wish you an amazing 2014! I will be posting around the beginning of January with my 2014 Cosplay list (and also gallery uploads), but that's for another time.

Like last year, I decided to make a post about my 2013 costumes and how the cosplay year was for me. So here is my 2013 costume list!

  • Mikoto Uchiha (Ninja) from Naruto - DEBUTED: Photoshoot #10
  • Madara Uchiha from Naruto - DEBUTED: Iberanime Lx 2013 
  • Itachi Uchiha (Female!Nurse fanart) from Naruto - DEBUTED: Anicomics 2013
  • Pakunoda from Hunter x Hunter - DEBUTED: Private Photoshoot
  • Nagisa Hazuki (Splash Free!) from Free! - DEBUTED: Anifest 2013
  • Feitan (Yonger) from Hunter x Hunter - DEBUTED: AmadoraBD 2013
  • Illumi Zoldyck (Military fanart) from Hunter x Hunter - DEBUTED: Midori Kurisumasu Paatii
  • Pakunoda (Auction) from Hunter x Hunter - DEBUTED: Winter Masquerade Ball

Basically my cosplay year was half made of Uchihas and the other half made of Hunter x Hunter... oh and Nagisa in between! 

On a more serious note, I was a bit upset with the fact that the only costume I made from the original list I posted back in January was Madara Uchiha. For 2014 I wish to (at least try) go by the list a bit more... so many great cosplays I could have done in 2013 but did not!

Even so, I feel great about all the cosplays I've done this year. I still wish to do a proper photoshoot for Nagisa, Feitan and Pakunoda (auction) that I hope I'll do throughout 2014 alongside other costumes. As of right now I have lots of gallery updates to make and I'm editing photos of several costumes that I'll be posting as soon as I can!

Well, and this is it. Once again I hope you guys have an amazing 2014. I'll be posting soon with more updates!

See you next year 

TheGothica ~


  1. Ai ai o sucesso que esse Madara fez no Iber*__*
    A ver se é este ano que cosplayamos juntas!

    1. Foi realmente o meu maior sucesso! *o*
      Sim, temos mesmo de fazer um cosplays juntas!!