Machi (Ball Gown)

Costume inspired by this fanart by Vita。維塔's
Character: Machi
Manga/Anime: Hunter x Hunter
Version: Ball Gown (Fanart)
Status: Finished
First used: Private Photoshoot (2014)
Making time: 2 weeks

About: This costume was never really on my list, but I wanted to make something specially for a photoshoot with a friend that's a photographer and a big gown was the first thing that came to my mind! I made this in a rush and even though things didn't end the way I had planned (and I ended up doing two shoots with two different people in two different locations), I really love how this came out and I'm actually quite proud. I decided on Machi because I already had the wig (2011 version) and I really liked the concept and idea behind the fanart (on the left), so I just summed 1 + 1 and this was the final result!


Photos and edition by Catia Sofia Photography


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