NEW COSPLAY: Machi (2011)

Hey everyone! 

I have been super busy with lots of college stuff (as usual) but I'm trying my best guys! Today I finally bring you the progress pictures and construction notes of one of my latest costumes: Machi from Hunter x Hunter (2011 version)!

I can begin by saying that Machi was never one of my favourite characters, and neither one that I could say I liked. She's cold, almost emotionless and never seems to care about anyone besides Pakunoda and Chrollo. I can admit that I hated her when I first watched Hunter x Hunter 1999, and that feeling has lasted until very recently. It was really until about the end of last year, when I sat down and asked myself why do I really hate her?

And in fact, my decision to cosplay Machi came in a time when I felt lost in the Cosplay world, and was (with all honesty) considering giving up. Doing Machi's costume made me realise once again why I cosplay and I can truly say I haven't had so much fun doing a costume in a long time. Which ends up being ironic considering it's a character that I used to hate.

About my choice in the 2011 version and not the 1999: I chose the most recent version of Machi because it has a bigger colour palette and therefore is more "interesting". And also because with this wig I can cosplay all the card versions, while with the purple one I could only do 3-4 versions of Machi. I will do the 1999 version one day though, so don't worry!

Sorry for the slight colour changes but the light was different + flash on some of them!

So, to me the wig was the biggest challenge of the costume. All the wig styling I had done so far was cut some bangs or give a bit of shape, but Machi clearly required a lot more work! 

I bought a long pink wig with straight bangs for the base (I forgot to take a picture but I have one on my Instagram here). I know Machi has hot pinkish hair but all the hot pink wigs I found were horrible, so I decided to just use this sort of old rose one instead! I started by separating the ponytail hair in three so it would be easier to do it (the wig was extremely heavy), leaving a bit of hair in the front so I could do those side parts. After doing a high-ponytail I styled the sides and bangs and added hair wax. The final ponytail was styled with scissors and teased with a comb and a bunch of hairspray!

So for the Uwagi (the Kimono-like jacket) I used what was left of Menace's fabric. Since I had never done anything like it, I decided to make patterns so I wouldn't screw up the little fabric I had. Thankfully it all went good and it came out exactly how I wanted! I had a lot of trouble finding fabric for the purple parts that was not completely out of budget, so the colour is not 100% like on the reference but I still like it.

For the Obi sash I decided that I wanted stretch fabric so I didn't have to put a zipper or snaps or anything like it (it's ugly and I really don't like seeing it) and I could just dress it over my head. The parts that hang loose (sorry, I don't know how to call those! ; ;) are of the same fabric but they have wire inside of them for structure. I decided to use wire so their shape would hold and I could make the little arch they have. This part is attached to the rest of the obi with snaps. I forgot to take pictures of this, I'm sorry ; ;

I would like to make the obi a bit better later on (even with the snaps and wire sometimes it doesn't hold like it should and I have to use safety pins), but despite that I really like how it turned out!

The pincushion is made of cardboard that I cut out of a box, painted with brown acrylic (I know hers is not brown, but I didn't have enough colours to make yellow ; ;) and glued together in that shape. The pillow part is made of the same fabric as her yellow "belt" and filled with cotton on the inside (I did not have proper filling, and since this is just to decorate I simply used cotton). In the end I added a black elastic to the brown part so the pincushion doesn't fall off my wrist!

The leg warmers are made of pink fabric and have an elastic on the edge so it holds onto my legs. Unfortunately I didn't have time to buy a pair of Zori (the shoes), so I just used white socks with white flip-flops. I still wish to get a pair someday, since that's basically what I'm missing to have this costume at 100%. Her blue elastic hair band is just a piece of fabric that I cut and sewed, and the gloves were bought.

Have just two more random pics of the costume!

Generally I'm really happy with how this costume turned out! Like I said I'd still remake a couple of small things but overall it turned like how I imagined it. And it's actually really comfortable compared to most cosplays I do, with the exception of the wig which can be a real pain! But nothing that can't be handled 

Another thing that makes me really happy about Machi's costume is that I was able to keep a low budget and still do it. Most of the fabrics I used I already owned which made everything so much easier!

And well, this is all for now guys. I have lots of stuff to post but unfortunately I don't have much time, so this has been coming out super slow. I'll try posting more content as soon as I can!



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