Akane Kurashiki (June)

Character: Akane Kurashiki
Game: 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (Zero Escape)
Version: June (Default)
Status: Finished
First used: Anicomics Lx 2015 (Portugal)
Making Time: 2 weeks

About: Where do I even begin! This must have been the biggest, most unplanned cosplay adventure I've ever had and probably ever will. I cosplayed as Akane in the beggining of 2015 for a Cosplay Ball, but never had the intention of making anything else out of it. A few months later it was suggested by a friend that a Zero Escape group was created for a convention, and I decided to give her another chance! It was two weeks of hard work, lots of tears and I had to miss the first day of the event, but it was totally worth it. The group ended up being just me and my boyfriend, but I'm still glad I took the challenge because June became one of my favourite costumes to date. Since there are three slightly different references for this outfit (the in-game version and two artworks), I took the parts I liked the most from each to create the final product.

(Coming Soon!)

 Photo by Amisu | Edition by Me


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