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  1. ommg! ican't breath. Saw your cosplays photos . Like I am adore youu soo much- /internally screaming/ . . omg do you take any comissions? I would really love to suggest my fav character I will cosplay- /)/// would really love to buy the wig of machi- advauydau Smiley heart ADORE YOU OMHHH

    1. Hi! First of all, I'm so sorry for the late reply but I haven't been able to be here at all!
      Thank you so much omg! *O* It makes me really happy to know you like my costumes so much! Thank you so so so so so so much!

      Unfortunately right now I'm not taking any commissions, I'm sorry :c But thank you so much for considering commissioning me! I'm glad to know my work is appreciated <3